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About Us

The Canadian Mobility and Aerospace Institute (CMAI) is a not-for-profit organization (NPO) that brings together mobility stakeholders across Canada. We offer workplace learning activities to current and emerging workers in Canada's mobility industries.

Concretely, CMAI and its members - SMEs as well as large companies and post-secondary institutions - organize Work Integrated Learning (WIL), mini-WIL and micro-WIL opportunities for the benefit of students.


To improve the skills of the next generation and workers in the mobility industry, we create workplace learning activities: Work Integrated Learning (WIL), mini-WIL and micro-WIL opportunities that meet the skill requirements of the future. They are aligned with the needs of the industry while complementing post-secondary education.

This tool was developed by member companies to facilitate posting internships, the management of applications and personalized networking. More than

26,000 college and university students are already registered on the platform.


Members and Partners

We work closely with our industry partners, post-secondary institutions, and financial partners to develop the skills of the future for both the current and future workforce.


CMAI is governed by a Board of Directors composed of seven members. It is supported by an Advisory Council that brings together various actors and organizations from all sectors of mobility.



673 Saint-Germain Street
Montreal, H4L 3R6

Thank you!

*If you are a student, write to us at: 

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