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In a collaborative spirit, the Board of Directors and various committees support CMAI in carrying out its mandate.

Members of the Board of Directors 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors run CMAI by setting goals and priorities, developing partnerships, ensuring sound financial planning, and overseeing the organizational logistics of the Placement SPOT platform. The Board of Directors is made up of seven member directors, including a president, a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer. 


Board members are passionate about skill development, WIL, and strengthening collaboration between postsecondary institutions and the industry.

Houssam Alaouie - CAE (Vice-president and administrator)
Caroline Cloutier - Pratt & Whitney Canada (administrator)
Chantal Boucher - Bell Textron Canada (Administrator)
Linda Preece - MDA (Administrator)
Jesse Vincent-Herscovici - Axelys (Administrator)

Sylvain Larochelle - Pratt & Whitney Canada (President and Administrator)

Peggy Perrier - MDA (Administrator)

Laurence Lebel- AtkinsRéalis (Administrator)

Vincent-Pierre Giroux - Alstom  (Administrator)

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